express 12 systems

           Express program is integrated accounting systems consists of 12 modules in one program and online data with another automatically, which reduces working steps.  You only add purchase and sales transaction, after that the program will update data in each involved modules automatically and can print all reports promptly. This enables you can know your working result instantly.
           The program runs under Windows operating system. LAN System is unlimited Workstations. Small to big business can use it. Business type can use e.g. Trading, Service, Import, Production, Construction and others. Now we have the members about 40,000 that most of members knew Express program from their friends and relations. Our services are talk of the town, when our members have some problems after call they can work continue.
            The Thai-English version, all screens and reports can display in either Thai and English depend on password you set up.

express system diagram

Express System Diagram 

  1. Purchase Order and Receipt Stock System
  2. Account Payable and Other Expense System
  3. Sales Order and Distribution System
  4. Account Receivable and Other Revenue System
  5. Inventory Control System
  6. Cheque & Banking Control System
  7. Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax System
  8. General Ledger System
  9. Fixed Assets System
  10. Sales Analysis System
  11. Purchase Analysis System
  12. Security System

      Express Accounting System software design based on fast ,easy UI ,Cover full main system .Merit Express use low system resource on Single and LAN system see Ability Line System and system requirement of Express Accounting software

 Report System

รายงานของ express

Express for Windows has flexible report and can build Easy Custom Report

Printing Document System and Report of Express 

express print out put

Report System Structure

  1. Account Receivable Report
  2. Account Payable Report
  3. Cheque Report
  4. Inventory Report
  5. Tax Report
  6. Account Report
  7. Sales Analysis Report
  8. Purchase Analysis Report
  9. Create Custom Report

Each structure have many sub report  Express Report System


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