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Security System

express security system

-  A controller can set up user codes for someone or user group to accessible data as you please that protection for unconcerned persons see the secret data.

- The each user can set up or change self-password.

express security user file

- The authority level can be classified as officer, manager and controller.

- The accessible data can manage in all menu and new creation sub-menus, reports and financial statements.

- When user Add, edit, cancel and delete, you can make a choice as want to keep events in logging file or not.

- The printable documents, you can make a choice as only display to screen or can print out to printer.

- The checking status can set to strict tracking that it will keep working events automatically.

- The user code can disable for some people resign or absent.

- There is event registration file that keep working events of user for a controller use to check.

- Each user code, you can make a choice as can approve documents or not.

- The important documents want to approve by authority first, you can make a choice in 3 ways i.e.
• To print first to approve later.
• To need to approved first to print later.
• Not specify.

- You can set up someone who can reprint the important documents.