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Fixed Asset System

1. Depreciation calculation of fixed assets can make a choice in 3 ways i.e.

  -  Straight - line method.
  -  The constant percentage of declining book-value method.
  -  To define yourself.

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2. The program can divide assets account groups as you like it.
3. Depreciation calculation period can make a choice as monthly or yearly.
4. There are asset depreciation list reports as the same a royal decree form and submit it promptly.
5. Journal entry can separate to department.
6. In case data entry starting, you can make a choice as online or manual (If “manual” it will work quickly more when ready to calculate all the files).
7. Codes can be changed at all times.
8. The data searching can search by code or name. And there is “Look up” in case you have forgotten codes.