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Inventory Control System

        The most data are updated from purchase and sales system.

1. The unlimited warehouse.


2. Costing calculation can make a choice as moving weighted average or FIFO = First In –First Out.

3. To support component sets, you only set up components of product set, when sales


  1. In special set, you can choose components in set and print them in an invoice.
    5. The sales price of product set can make a choice as a set price or each component price.
    6. In product set purchasing, it will divide the cost into each component and increase in stock automatically.
    7. The program can copy the same component set to a new set.
    8. In each product set can has components 999 items.
    9. With relative ratio to stocking unit measure, the products can be bought and sold with measure that is different from the stocking unit measure (this one is the smallest) and decimal point has 4 positions.
    10. Inventory reports can display the measure for 2 levels e.g. Balance 5 crates 4 pieces.
    11. There is a measure ratio table for simple call.
    12. The system can divide the import expenses into unit cost of that lot e.g. freight charge, excise duty, import duty, customs duty, stamp duty etc.
    13. Inquiry of stock on hand can be made on screens at all times by pressing Alt-F4.
    14. You can make a choice as to allow negative inventory or not. In case negative inventory, the program can issue bills first when receipt stock it will recalculate quantity and unit cost automatically although how many bills have been issued already.
    15. When negative inventory, you can set up authority level who can permit to reduce in stock.
    16. The support data concern the finished goods, raw materials, work in process, components and services.
    17. Sales prices can define the base price for 5 levels, unlimited option prices (per boxes, dozens, packs etc.) and print price list report.
    18. For sales promotion you can fix special prices to follow conditions (e.g. discount 2% for 10 pcs.) and schedule (e.g. Chock Sales! Start February 1 to July 31, 2001).
    19. The program can take stock in and stock out that doesn’t concern with purchases or sales e.g. raw materials are issued to production, to receive finished goods from production, etc.
    20. The document forms can be printed and modified in 3 forms as you please e.g. Issue Slip, take in Slip etc.
    21. There is a physical count processing for convenience, quickness and accuracy.
    22. Product codes can be changed at all times.



  1. 23. The data searching can search by code or name. And there is “Look up” in case you have forgotten codes.
    24. There is a product serialize file for stock serial# or part# (not linked to other systems).
    25. In one Inventory can divide costing method groups in either FIFO or Average. 
    26. In one Inventory can divide account groups e.g. finished goods account, raw materials account, etc.
    27. The reorder point and maximum point can define periods as you please for support sales projects or promotions.
    28. It reserves date fields for 2 columns, text fields for 4 columns and 1 column of numeric field per a product.
    29. The inventory can control with barcodes and scanner.
    30. Support products are in both normal VAT and exempt VAT groups.
    31. The product in each warehouse will display quantity, cost, amount, onorder, backorder, shelf and department. So, some business can get to be complete data more such as construction company can be aware of stock on hand and cost of each sites instantly.
    32. When sales or take stock out that stock on hand have lower than reorder point, you can make a choice as whether warning is required or not.